3◇IngredientsUsing Sake Lees●100g koji●300g●300cc hot water*Use room temperature water for hot rice.1. Put hot water on cold rice, mix well.2. Break up the kojiand Mix above 1. 3. Heat in rice cooker for 6 hours.Instead of closing the lid, cover it with a cloth in order to maintain the temperature under 60°C.This is good for desserts and other dishes too. For amazakedrink:Add 200cc hot water and 3 spoons of the above mixture then reheat. cold cooked rice Amazakemade with sake lees instead of rice malt or white rice is also delicious. It is easy to make if you buy sake lees from a sake brewer.and heat.•Taking care not to boil it too much,add 100g sugar and then ready.•Pay attention to the residual alcohol content.Amazakeisakindofsweetricewinethathasamildtaste,aslightsweetnessthatstimulatestheappetite,andadeliciousflavorfromtherice.Amazakeisnotonlydelicious,butitshighnutritionalvalueisalsoeffectiveforbeautyandrecoveryfromfatigue,andiscalled"drinkableintravenousdrip.”How to Make Delicious Amazake◇Approximate amount for 3 cups•Put 200g sake lees in a pot, add 400cc water How to Make Koji Amazake

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