◇Ingredients●●●●●●●6Ingredients50g sake lees (softened)1 tablespoon miso200g soy milk yogurt (or firm tofu)70g light brown sugar2 tablespoons peanut butter3 tablespoons rice flour1 tablespoon lemon juiceVegan Option●50g sake lees (softened)●200g cream cheese (softened)●2 eggs●70g light brown sugar●4 tablespoons flour●120cc whipped cream●8 biscuits (cooked)1.Crush biscuits.-Place them in the bottom of the cake pan.2.Combine all other ingredients in a bowl.-Mix well and pour into the cake pan, on top ofthe biscuits.3.Bake in the oven at 180°C for 60 minutes.The taste of sake lees and cheese are very similar. They go together very well!When sake lees and misoare mixed andheated, it becomes cheese like.How to soften sake lees?Thaw in water or Sake (much better with sake) or use microwave.Cheesecake With Sake Lees

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